Improved hygiene and better preventionand treatment have diminished the incidenceof infectious diseases particularlyin industrialised countries. However, increasing antibiotic resistance, emergence of new pathogens, together with changes in pathogen distribution due to altered climate and mobility are global challenges for humankind. The Leibniz Research Alliance “INFECTIONS” aims to establish an interdisciplinary research agenda and opens up new avenues of communication across disciplines. New strategies and methods for early warning and outbreak management systems will be developed to control spread of pathogens.
  1. Aktivierung des SARS-Coronavirus 2 aufgeklärt
    07.05.2020 ·

    Infektionsforscher vom Deutschen Primatenzentrum zeigen Ansatzpunkte für Impfstoffentwicklung und Therapie. Prof. Stefan Pöhlmann, Co-Autor der Studie und Leiter der Abteilung Infektionsbiologie am Deutschen Primatenzentrum, ist...

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich E. Schaible



Dr. Susanne Pätzold