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Poster at The 3rd Annual European Microbiome Congress, 27.-29.11.2017, London, UK, What comes in and what goes out? Waste Water in Berlin, Germany (Numberger D, Ganzert L, Mühldorfer K, Sauer S, Grossart HP, Greenwood AD)

Poster at Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology, SAME 15, Zagreb, Croatia, 3.-8. Sep 2017, Microplastics increase int1 abundance and persistence of wastewater-derived microbes in freshwater (Di Cesare A, Eckert EM, Kettner MT, Arias-Andrés M, Fontaneto D, Grossart HP, Corno G)

Talk at Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology, SAME 15, Zagreb, Croatia, 3.-8. Sep 2017, Microplastics particles increase antibiotic resistance transfer in aquatic ecosystems (Arias-Andres M, Klümper U, Rojas-Jimenez K, Grossart HP)

Talks at INFECTIONS’21 Symposium – Interdisciplinary approaches to infectious disease research, 14.-15.06.2018, Leipzig, Germany, Water as habitat for bacteria including pathogens (Numberger D) and Water as vector for viruses (Greenwood AD)

Publikationen (Mitglieder des LFV sind unterstrichen)

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